The Forms: Chung Gun

Chung Gun (Joong Gun) is named after the patriot Ahn Chung Gun (1879-1910). [Chung Gun Diagram] On October 26, 1905, when Korea had been invaded and colonized by Japan, Ahn Chung Gun sneaked into the Halbin railroad station, which was then under heavy security, and assassinated Hirobumi Ito, who had stopped there on his way to China. This man was the first Japanese governor-general of Korea, and played a leading role in the Korea-Japan merger. For this patriotic act, Chung Gun was eventually arrested. The 32 movements represent Mr. Ahn’s age when he was executed at Lui-Shung prison in 1910. After this date, the Japanese engaged in a campaign of cultural genocide, including forbidding the speaking of Korean in public. Classes were taught in Japanese. The university established by the Japanese had only 10% Korean students. Martial arts were forbidden. Weapons were gathered and melted down, including antiques. Click HERE for more information.

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