The Forms: Do San

Do San is the pseudonym of the patriot Ahn Chang Ho (1876-1938). [Do San Diagram] A farmer’s son, he became a member of the “Independence Association” at the age of 18. This association was formed to promote independence, to reform domestic affairs, and to reduce dependence on foreign countries. In 1910, when the Yi Dynasty, a minor kingdom, was forcefully absorbed into the Japanese Empire, Ahn Chang Ho started underground activities focused on regaining Korean independence. He advocated freedom of choice in education, culture and speech. Do San exiled himself several times to China and the United States of America, but always returned. He was finally arrested by the Japanese, and died in jail. The 24 movements represent his entire life, which was devoted to furthering education in Korea and its independence movement. The number 24 represents completion, as in a 24 hour day.  Click HERE for more information about Do San.

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Don’t forget to KI-YUP! on the second back fist going up the I!

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