The Forms: Won Hyo

Won Hyo was the noted monk who introduced Buddhism to the Silla Dynasty in the year 686 AD. [Won Hyo Diagram] He was recognized as a great scholar by the Tang Dynasty of China, although he never studied there, and was highly respected by the people of Korea. Won Hyo hated the idea of different religions arguing with each other over their different beliefs. Instead, he established his own system of ideology in which the conflicts between various religious sects could be reconciled. Won Hyo’s most remarkable achievements were his activities in relieving the poverty and suffering of ordinary people. After Won Hyo left his monastery, he traveled around the country and taught Buddhism to the people. Sometimes he played a homemade musical instrument, and used song and dance to communicate. As an example to the people, he lived as he preached. There are 28 movements in this form. Click HERE for more information about Won Hyo.

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