Update: Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Hello, everybody! Thank you for returning to mastermike.com. Let’s go ahead and get right into the updates!!

1) For those of you who recently received your new belt, CONGRATULATIONS!! Don’t forget! Our Black Belt Promotion Test will be on Saturday, May 10th at 11 am.

2) Please click here for Master Mike’s Tae Kwon Do Survival Camp Brochure. If you can’t print both sides of the brochure, I consolidated most of the material into a one-page Survival Camp Sign-Up Sheet (I apologize for the roughness).

3) Spring Break begins this week! There will be NO CLASS after Thursday, March 27th and class will not resume until Monday, April 7th.

4) Master Mike’s Annual Tournament for Kids will be on Sunday, May 18th at 12 pm. Flyers will come soon!

5) Finally, I stumbled upon two excellent slideshows from some Eastern Art Exhibits. Click here for some beautiful photos from a calligraphy exhibition at the Metropolitian Museum of Art in New York and here are some gorgeous Japanese woodcut prints.

-Mr. D



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