Update: Spring Break!

Welcome back to Master Mike’s website.  I hope your spring break has been relaxing and enjoyable.  I’m sure everyone is just as anxious as I  to return to class to prepare for our upcoming promotion test in May.

1) Classes resume on Monday!  We hope to see you there! 

2) It is my pleasure to announce a Spring 2008 Exclusive for students at the Rec Room.  Mr. Jim Sodo has expressed some interest in holding a Judo seminar on either Thursday night or Saturday morning for advanced students who are trying to expand their martial arts repertoire.  This class would be free (besides your monthly tuition, of course) and would be 30 minutes in length.  Please email me at  MasterMikeTKD@yahoo.com if you are interested in particpipatng.  To learn more about this exciting opportunity, please click on this Judo Info Sheet.

3) Important Upcoming Dates: Saturday, May 10th is our next Black Belt promotion test, Sunday, May 18th is our Annual Tournament for Kids at the Hasten Hebrew Academy and the first week of Survival Camp begins on Monday, June 2nd.

-Mr. D



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