Master Mike’s GoFundMe

Hello Master Mike’s students,

This is Master Jerry Isenhower. As you know, these past several months have been a very trying time for martial arts schools. In school classes were only allowed towards the end of May, but many schools, including Master Mike’s, remained closed because the facilities where they hold their classes remained closed. I appreciate the financial support many of you provided Master Mike a couple of months ago. We were able to raise just over $1600 and it was a huge help for Master Mike to meet his financial obligations.

If you were unable to contribute the first time, I humbly ask for your support for Master Mike by donating to his GoFundMe I have setup for him. If you contributed before and are in a position where you could do so again, it will be most helpful. His last Taekwondo related income was from his summer camps he did in June.

Three of the locations where Master Mike has classes have announced they are opening up starting the week of September 8th. (See previous post). If students return to class in September, then hopefully he can resume his normal income he had prior to the pandemic.

No amount is too small and no amount is too large. I ask you to show him the love he shows his students each and every week. Please donate whatever you can. If you have any questions, you may call me at 317-606-2191. I thank you for your consideration and support.

There are many of Master Mike’s students who aren’t members of his Facebook page. If you have email addresses and/or phone numbers for other parents and students, please share the following link.



Master Jerry Isenhower