Testing Requirements

For Yellow with White Stripe:

  • Horse Riding Stance: Single Punch, Double Punch, Triple Punch, Low Block, High Block
  • Front Stance: Axe Kick, Out-In Crescent Kick, In-Out Crescent Kick
  • Back Stance: Front Snap Kick, Front-Leg Side Kick, Roundhouse Kick
  • No Form Required
  • Free Sparring
  • Breaking Requirement: Front Snap Kick

For Yellow Belt:

  • Form: Basic One
  • Breaking Requirement: Front-Leg Side Kick

For Yellow with Green Tip:

  • Form: Chon Ji
  • Breaking Requirement: Step Side Kick

For Green Belt:

  • Form: Dan Gun
  • Horse Riding Stance: Outward Block
  • Breaking Requirement: Spinning Back Side Kick

For Green with Blue Tip:

  • Form: Do San
  • Breaking Requirement: Reverse Punch

For Blue Belt:

  • Horse Riding Stance: Inward Block
  • Form: Won Hyo
  • Breaking Requirement: Jumping Front Snap Kick

For Blue with Red Tip:

  • Form: Yul Gok
  • Breaking Requirement: Spinning Back Crescent Kick

For Red Belt:

  • Form: Chung Gun
  • Breaking Requirement: One Foot, One Upper Body Strike Combination

For Red & Black Belt:

  • Form: Toi Gye
  • Breaking Requirement: 3 Board Combination (one must be a spinning kick)
  • Self Defense: 5 Outward Block/counter-attacks, 5 Inward Block/counter-attacks, 4 hapkido movements
  • Sparring: Two vs. One

For Black Belt:

  • Forms: Hwa Rang and Chung Mu
  • Breaking Requirements: 4 Board Combination (one must be a spinning kick), Speed Break (the board will be dangled between fingers), Power Break (2+ boards held together)
  • Self Defense: 10 Outward Block/counter-attacks, 10 Inward Block/counter-attacks, 8 hapkido movements
  • Sparring: Two vs. One , Three vs. One
  • Character Development: An essay on 1) the importance of Kunja in a Tae Kwon Do practitioner’s life and 2) how Tae Kwon Do has personally affected the student’s life.

For 2nd Degree Black Belt:

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